New 2018 Logos!



No new logo, but new backgrounds and stuff

also sorry @Jelmo for replacing your one for me so quickly, you did a great ojb but i really wanted the text


I have no logo
I have stanky weeb picture


It suits you


That looks pretty smooth! :ok_hand:


If you said that to Tornait then it’s fine but if you meant that towards Aqua then OOOOOOOOOFFFFFFF


Take it how you will😉




Hey, it’s not fine… Not to me, at least… :v


Saying your logo suits you isn’t fine🤔


Got these very recently from @Jelmo . The black one is for everything music related (and my discord) and the gold is for other stuff.

Thanks for the logos Jelmo. :+1:


I thought you were talking to aqua, whoops


Even if I was, it would only be a joke😜

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