New 2018 Logos!


glad you like it? xD


Yeah its really cool




:worried: the letters no


Would anyone like to help me design a logo for my new “brand” (artist name/identity)? Dm me if willing


@DJ_La_Rocca here is a logo for you! :eyes:


That is like a perfect @HELIXX cover art except the blusea
This one: image


Yeah that does look like something I’d do


Hey buddy I appreciate you trying, but ive got some ideas for a logo once “THE NEW DJLR” is here


Imma whizz up a logo real quick lol


so i think ive finally got a logo and banner that should stick:FF488EA1-5DAB-4573-B899-C76321486B75

what do you all think?

Edit: thanks to @Polar who helped with the background and @BlaMeese who helped me with the symbol


There you go, thats awesome. I really like the a s t h e t i c pixel look.


i love me some a e s t h e t i c


that 144p quality logo lol

nah but is gud. I like it


Love it




Arimyth drew this one digitally:


It’s e p i c.



the font is good, the logo… not as good as the old one, but fine.