New 2018 Logos!


i like the concept of one wave instead of 3, But i see alot of other producers (not necessarily in auxy) with one wave. Maybe 2 would look better?


Have to go right now, but ill look at it soon :smile:


The colors compliment each other when they are similar but I can make a crazy one too…image


Not what i was thinking xD
Looks cool, but i have blu in my name for a reason lmao.
Maybe try black on blue


feel free to use it if you like it, or not, idc lol @blusea

lemme know if something needs to be adjusted


Cool! Not exactly clear when its small though. I think it could be good if the wave was more “drawn” if you get what i mean. Maybe try it if the wave was black and it was the original


Here :laughing:image


Wow! Thats actually really cool


I just use the photoshop app called pixlr. There are a bunch of effects. If you want a plain wave for making your own logo:image


okay! i’ll try something

y i k e s that is unclear


Ok thanks!


See what i mean


I like the line idea!


In theory, it would work better when it is black…
in theory


Alright, see you all later. Thanks for your effort :wink:



here’s a random thing, doesn’t exactly have that drawn effect but i really like it :slight_smile:


This is what I do when I’m bored…image:joy:


is it just the eyes or the tophat as well?


The head


I was just saying that a lot of artists arent recognized by a logo, they are recognized by a head or body that is considered “their character”