New 2018 Logos!


i have just redone my Icon and Banner. Here’s the before and after:




Is this still alive? If so, I would definetly appreciate if someone could make a logo with something to do with blue waves? I’m not too proud of mu current one


Ill give it a go


Heres something i just whipped up



hmm… the concept is cool, but i dont think it works for a logo, its too crowded, maybe just whats in the helmet?


Cool! What i was thinking was simpler though. Maybe try just 3 waves and “blusea” above Or below it. The logo you made is very good, still, just not what i was thinking :wink: its hard because i suck at designing stuff but i have good ideas :sob:


Honestly i dont mind your icon right now, but ill give it a go. When you say 3 waves do mean three separate lines? Or just 3 dips in the water


3 separate waves. I dont like mine right now because the actual logo part, that would be recognisable, is too small and i cant change it now. Also it would need to be more defined. Anyway, thanks for your effort :wink:


Is there any reason why you cant not have your name on the logo? I reckon it would look way better without it and more simplistic. Also do you like the colour scheme you currently have?


no name would actually be great. I think it would look better with just the logo tbh. I will see what i can do myself but feel free to give it a go. Thanks again


Heres what ive managed to do. Its bad, but simple.


Wow! Nice


I think it works fine. It’s less of a logo, and more of a character - look at people like muzzy




That’s awesome!


this guy


I would recommend removing two rows of waves. What dot you think?


that’s pretty cool but i don’t advise putting blue on blue, especially in logos that need to be recognizable :wink:


What i was thinking


whipping something up right now if that’s ok