New 2018 Logos!


I think it would look better if the text was aligned with the symbol.


Yeah I’ll go back and edit that. It’s about 90% complete. Might as some more lines like ncs which connects the S back to the start




I think the logo you have here is perfect by itself! Simple and clean! I like it :wink:




Nice mate. One criticism, the bar on the right of the a is a little bit too t h i c c for my taste


But nice job tho


Here are both complete logos.


Wow. Very nice job. I’m glad I was able to help you on this!


Am I missing something, or why is there a v next to the a for your record label? I don’t see one v in “anthem records”


Sideways Z? I’m being VERY liberal here cause I pretty much agree, just trying to think as abstractly as possible


Yeah, don’t see a z anywhere. If you want to have just an a that’s fine tho



ZEEEEEEEEE. If sideways. Or N. But anthem is “AnthemZ” so :man_shrugging:

Will need DJLR to esplain




That doesn’t look to bad.


I think these both look great! I’m glad you figured out what you wanted.


Next letter after a, I tried something with Z it did t work out.


Thanks blamaeese and @HYDRANS for the help


Anytime dude! Happy to help


Well you all probably remember my old style and everything that I made.Well for example the 8 bit lead for Kerfuffle’s birthday.Also Flamingo.My Old Classic.And…



These kind of things.Well now I made a new style in Auxy.Everything is cool.but I changed my font.I don’t what should I choose Old one or new one.


What’s better:

The Classic Xlimator


New Kewl Xlimator