New 2018 Logos!


No, I mean only have BOTH of them once. In your artworks you have DJLR scattered across the cover about 3-4 times which is no bueno. Same with the innovation logos


3-4 times? It only says it once?


Looked crapper than I expected


Noooo no. :disappointed:

It says it once big, once small in the corner, you have the logo twice… the backdrop is nice


THats because it’s in the album


Yes. You have 2 different logos and your name in one artwork


I’m saying don’t have that


Then how will they know which album is from.


I can’t believe you just seriously asked that question :thinking:


By looking at the artwork it’s easy to tell straight away which album it’s from


If you have a song in your album, it will show up in that album (playlist) on SoundCloud. Therefore, people will know if said song is in a certain album


I know but still. You know what guys? I’m just gonna get rid of the whole logo all together and just have my name


IMO having the album cover in the corner is pointless, just having the album cover as the ACTUAL COVER would be a perfect solution to your problem. I’m just suggesting


Good idea! I actually like this! Maybe you can have stylized text with DJLR? With different backgrounds for each song


I did that with Movement. Only problem is I like each song to represent emotion and themes


See my previous post


Yes I’m working on designs now. I just opened up a record label and here is the logo. Sadly it’s better than my own logo


Don diablo uses the hexagon logo on his album covers

(For context, hexagon is don diablo’s label)

There is nothing wrong with that


Is it okay to have ur own label?


I’ll add a few more things but tiny things like maybe a line through it that’s it and in a rectangle box