New 2018 Logos!


Yeah but what about AU5? He uses his logo and his name in his artwork. And I like having the album in the corner too so I know which album it’s from


Here’s one idea…51


For that particular artwork, maybe have just DJLR and the name of the track - something like the artwork in this song
See - I just have my logo/text and the name of the track on a background. It looks clean

Just suggesting


I appreciate the idea but it doesn’t grab my eye…


Why don’t you just have the same cover on all of the tracks in a particular album? Sounds like an easy solution to your problem


Coz I like each track to have its own message.


What are some of your favorite logos by other people?


Can’t you convey that in the title?


At the bottom
Ther e both his logo and name


Yeah, I see that and it works well! Have DJLR and your logo, just have them only one time in the cover art


I wasn’t saying it never works


IMO you should either pick separate covers for each track in an album, or have the album cover be the cover for each track in that album. Try not to have both

For example, I really like how you did the cover arts in movement (the design itself was a little sloppy, but you know). You had one cover for all 5 songs, and the covers were very simple and clean. In shatter, however, you had very inconsistent and cluttered covers with different covers for every track. I like your logos better now, but the covers have gotten too cluttered, remember, less is more when it comes to design

Again, just giving ideas :slight_smile:


Here’s some more


I think as long as you have DJLR next to the three lines that it won’t me mistaken for adidas. Also, you could potentially add rounded or triangle ends to the lines if you want to make it more different.


I like your idea with the “innovation” motto and the logo is fine but I feel like it can get confusing when in your song covers there are:

  1. Your name- DJLR
  2. The small innovation logo which includes your name again
  3. The title of the track
  4. The little square which shows the album that the song is a part of

I would keep it simple and stay fairly consistent with whatever you decide to do. Feel free though to adapt your logos’ color/design to the real image of the song cover to make it well blended together.


Exactly. Just because you have a logo doesn’t mean you have to use it


Sleek good.

This - bad:

Don’t do this :sleepy:


No offense, but it feels a little messy with all the logos in it.


But Au5 used both in one artwork?


Yeah that’s pretty cool… but it’s too similar to adidas and unoriginal. I’ve got some more similar designs