New 2018 Logos!


The ‘DJLR’ part of it could have functioned as a logo, idk


I think you just need stylized text or a logo, don’t have both


That’s boring tho.


But overcrowded and complex does not mean good


The best thing is to keep it simple. Your logo should be distinctive enough for a t-shirt but not something to crazy. It’s best to make one that you are going to keep for ever. If you change it to much then your brand won’t be able to grow and it will get confusing for fans.

If you need help designing a logo I’d be happy to work on one.


I’ve taken a year of graphic design and photography/photoshop so if you want a new logo or you need help with you branding I’ll be happy to help.

Please us my Discord if yes: BlåMeese #0787

Also, if I get enough people needing help then I’ll make a group discord specifically for everyone to ask/give logo help.


I’ve seen some of your cover arts and you have many logos/elements in one picture making it feel cluttered. For example, you had the actual album art with the name of the album, date, DJLR, etc.; you had the profile pic/ headshot with DJLR in the corner; AND I think you had the innovation logo in one corner with yet another DJLR. I think you see where I’m going with this: simple=good. You should have one or two logos/branding things for your WHOLE brand. If you want help, there are dozens of members on this forum who would be happy to assist you, including me.

You don’t have to listen to any of what I said, just trying to help. Your logo/cover art is the first thing to people see when seeing your music on SoundCloud, so you want to make a good impression

Anyway, just suggesting a few things, would be happy to help out if you want


Hmm I see what ur saying. What about this?


Yeah I know but the thing is I’m still not satisfied with my logo :(. I even want to change my name to AnthemZ. But I can’t because its way too late


I like the cover art in the background but I would change the logo to where it’s a png and it can go over the artwork and still look nice.

here’s an example

why is it too late to change your name? because of branding? technically you could change your name if you want to. If you change it though I would be completely certain that it is what you want, and then it would be best to never change it again. (I’ve been thinking about just having my personal name as my artist name instead of BlåMeese but I realize that wouldn’t work well when I eventually get married XD, plus it’s grown on me and everyone seems to like it.)

As for the logo I would make it into a simpler version if you like it so you can have a nice looking png to put over cover art. If you don’t like it then I would draw up some ideas and make sure you like them and then pick one that you would use forever (with slight variations).

sorry that was a lot of random ideas at once XD


Yeah but DJLR has been with me since 2014… it’s too late. And yeah I have some artwork like that I’ll show you


I think those look really nice!

I think it just looks weird when you don’t have your logo as a png and the red clashes with the art work color.


I guess then you’ll just have to stick with DJLR, but you can still re-disign your logo if you want.


That’s why I realllly want this :frowning: it’d be so much easier to put onto my artwork but people keep saying it looks too similar to adidas… which is true


What about if I add this?


it does look like adidas. The second one is great, but do you actually like it? It’s essential that you like your logo.


I like it without the line going through but then is way too close to adidas :(.


Let me try a few things real quick…you might be able to keep the three lines only if you slightly change the structure.


I tried doing this but it looks crap


Again, you have innovation, and DJLR in the middle and then another picture in the corner with a DIFFERENT logo, innovation AGAIN and DJLR - i’m just saying, try to have one thing - either the DJLR, the innovation thing, or the three lines or something else, idk.

Same thing with the other album arts as well btw

You can do what you want, just giving some constructive criticism