New 2018 Logos!


image used was took from internet

p l a g i a r i s m alert


responding to a post from 6 months ago that was done out of love for a brand and not to infringe on copyright

t o t e s p l a g i a r i s m guys


a logo created out of brainstorming and not realistically ever going to be used from a commercial standpoint

l i s t e n t o m e i t ’ s d e f i n i t e l y p l a g i a r i s m

I definitely understand sarcasm


They actually are pretty good ideas /)


Thanks! Feel free to use them.


Logo is finalised
Thank you @BlaMeese for giving me the triangle idea for the “V” in “innovation”


Sure! Looks nice!


Im p sure I used a ftu site but that was 6 months ago :man_shrugging:


The way that the bottom triangle is slightly off to the left of the trianglepoint at the top is driving me nuts. I think it should be centered, personally.


It’s just supposed to replace a v not be in the middle. But from your POV I understand why tahts annoying aha


Bam, new color set. Probably going to alternate between these and some other ones.


I suggest creating a png and putting it onto a white circle. I can do it for u if u like


I cropped it as a circle but it’s not showing on here. If you want the proper cropped version pm me :slight_smile:


Probably gonna stick with this for a few months in terms of the background. The :sb: will always be there :wink:


Nah, mate. Check my soundcloud. I have that as my logo and banner.


It’s not really a logo but it’s what I have


It works. Definitely an outlier in this community, at least.


I need opinions. Which one should be my logo? Should I keep the current “innovation” triangle sorta thing? Or use this new III style?


I liked you old logo better. The one before Innovation.


That wasn’t really a logo tho… more like a profile picture