New 2018 Logos!


I’ve seen a lot of people remaking and having remake contests for their logos. Post your logo, if you’re remaking it, and share feedback here. :blush:

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Can some1 do me a simple logo so I can put a small version of it on my album covers? preferably a png :slight_smile:


Sure but it’ll have to wait for now since I’m on vacation


ok! :slight_smile:


Probably gonna remake mine before the end of the year


What are you looking for? Color and shape wise?


This is my new logo for the 2018 year


Not sure. Something to do with cows, maybe white on black?


Here’s something I blooped together…



I love me some good alpha channels




Damn, thats gucci


I like the last one the most



This one isn’t changing anytime soon


Turn on night mode to see it fully


Woah, that’s awesome!




I didn’t even know there was a dark or light mode lol


Turn it on, its a lot easier on your eyes, especially if you wake up at 6:00 am and got to sleep the next day at 5:00