NeurotoZin - Ako (Was Vulture)

Hi, I’m back! I’m going to be doing Auxy again! Check out my new track
Thanks everyone for giving the original Neurotoxin 50 likes. I really do appreciate it. Also thank you Auxy Team for reposting a few of my songs. I’m just a kid who’s got a passion for music, and I never expected this. Thank you!


All I have to say is Neurotoxin is still one of my all time favorite tracks I’ve heard around here the last year.

Even more so cause it was Auxy 4, so no samples.

Is this a variation in production, or like a new mix? I like it just as much for sure!

You and Thrashie would be a terrifying combination… and welcome back!

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Thanks! It’s aimed to be a remake.

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I don’t know why, but the original is just barely better. Lol, this is still tight. Js