Neurofunk with Auxy?


Has anyone ever tried making neurofunk with auxy? I know with the lack of a oscillator or whatever, you can’t get those gritty sounds, but is it possible?


whats this genre


It’s really hard to explain, but allow this song to explain it (Epilepsy warning!):


Think of it this way: Drum n Bass but there’s only drums and growling

#5 @RazerFireRiot


Anyway to replicate this style with the basic kits or with what I have (Seven Skies, Pianos, Vivrant)?


I’m tripping


Hmm, I’m not sure. Most of the instruments I used were from Disturbing Leads.


I struggled to make neurofunk, very hard to get the twisted bass lines, I’ve made dark dnb using Beam, Dirt and Hive for the bass.

#10 This is the dark dnb track I made.


I’d love to be able to make something like this.


Your best bass option would be a layer of cube with something. Because cube is super OP. Cube is love, cube is life. However, having a subscription gives you access to the Neurofunk sample pack, which would be right in line with creating this, along with many more options for sound.


Reverse the neuro bass drums