Neurofunk Collection Sound Pack

What do you guys think?


I think its pretty good but i dont really produce this genre haha. Im sure @Thrashie is happy


Lol I just made a thread for it :laughing: Moderator if you see this delete my post

I am very happy about the toms, gonna be using those in future projects

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Yes me too. Leviathan toms were not the best


w e h a v e b o n g o s !

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this is gonna be siiick

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Thanks @Fredrik !

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Oof, apparently you haven’t heard but sadly I guess he fully quit EDM a few days ago. F

I’m hyped for this soundpack tho


Not entirely sure what to think, as I really don’t know how to neurofunk xD

To be honest though, both of the last drum packs have been more heavily geared towards a breakbeat style sound. I hope for the next pack we see a return to a more four-on-the-floor centered pack.


Good timing lol

Cool sample pack!!! Neurofunk is now the 2nd largest sample pack, making Superfluidity 3rd now

I’ve been asking for neurofunk basslines for ages however I am happy to have neurofunk drums. All I’ve heard is the demo so far which sounds good

Just got it, snares and kicks are awesome AF, gonna use this a lot. :+1:

I can imagine this working quite well with the style of dubstep you produce.

Sounds like some dope af drums. Just need a good Reese bass pack or something to go with it.


I’m hearing you

I made this dubstep song with a neurofunk sample

Yet another moment where I cry to myself and ask why can’t my dad pay the subscription already?

But tbh I think my music would be super super amazingly dope if I had the subscription, it would still be awesome if THE ORIGINAL SOUNDS WERENT REMOVED



Have you tried just asking? I only suggest because if my kids approached me, showed interest in something productive like writing music I’d totally throw down a fiver for them.

I might be biased though since I’m also into the music thing lol…


My parents definitely do not see my music-making as productive, lol