Nessus Nights - Neeko

Lovin those chords at the beginning! Did you use Hero for them?

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Yeah bro how did you know lol

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Just experience with the app I guess :wink:

This is my second song with Auxy. It’s quite fun to use this.I usually use ableton.

You must have a good ear on you lol

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Wow! Dang better than my second song. This is actually the first music making app or program I’ve ever used so I guess that partially explains it.

Also I have two good ears on me lol

I just added you on SoundCloud imma give all your music a listen :+1:t4:

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Oof Dont listen to the last few they’re pretty rough

But thanks anyway

I saw your soundcloud account was brand new, you’re doing pretty great so far, keep up the good work. (And i followed u back :smile:)

Thanks bro when I get off work I’ll reply to your comments and give your stuff a listen plus I’ll send you the Auxy file for Bayside Rays if you like ?

I havent downloaded the app on the computer, ill have to do that first. But thanks!