NEOn - Tsunan'z × Just Chill

A new collaboration is realized. Check it out!

Tsunan’z × @EVERANGE

Well jeeze, that was the total friggin package lol… how the heck did you two do that tremolo sounding synth stab?! Haven’t heard Auxy speak like that yet. Anyway, reposted- you crushed it!

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cough vibrato cough

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Oh duh, sorry, pre-coffee-on-my-way-to-work-at-~5am self isn’t the clearest thinker lol. Thanks, and yes this makes perfect sense :slight_smile:

Thanks you! Also listen to Just Chill’s songs!

It’s a common misconception. Tremolo is volume, and vibrato is pitch, right?


Awesome! I really like the trick you used with the pitch

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Thank you! (´∀`)

As you say, it’s a common misunderstanding.

Fun fact…

Guitar brand Fender historically — and incorrectly — called the Vibrato mechanism on their early Stratocaster guitars (late 1950s) a Tremolo control, furthering a misunderstanding that still lingers today.