Neo Cerulean - Azure Onyxscore [Dance, Remix, Melodic]

"ooh look, another Cerulean track from the Auxy 5 hater. what gives, Azure?

Now calm down for a sec, I’ve given Auxy 5 a second try after ranting about it non-stop. And now that i’ve used 5.1, I have to say, boy was I wrong to say that it isn’t worth it.

Now I’ll be honest, this track is easily better than the other Cerulean tracks I made

I really need to expand on what I can create
Extended Mix


I’ll see if I can remix this

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sorry I probably live under a rock, but what’s Cerulean? i mean, it’s a color, but i dont think that’s what it means here

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I’ve made too many tracks under the Cerulean name.

so is it an alias?

no he makes a lot of VIP tracks of his song “Cerulean”


Extended Mix