Need You- Icy Mattrix

First Auxy song (And first actual song I’ve produced). Let me know what you guys think. Improvements, positives etc.

I really like the song, and the use of sweepers was great.

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Very good for a first track :+1:t2:

(btw are you the one who messaged me on soundcloud? or was it someone else)

I don’t think I messaged you… what’s your name on their ?

My artist name is FinLayers (says in my bio)

Oh then yes my bad hahaha I was the one that was messaging you.

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Nice man. I’ll check it out.

Nice Icy Chill vibe here Icy. For your first Auxy it’s Top Rate! What was your DAW or production scenario prior to Auxy?

Thanks man. And I originally started messing around with Garageband about 6 months ago. Didn’t really know anything about making music. Got the Ableton live trial for a month and learned a few things. Then I learned about Auxy roughly one month ago and fell in love with the app.

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I already left a comment on this song on the I wanna hear hip hop thread

Yea I remember. I wanted to see if I could get a little more feedback lol

I get it. I was just telling you so that you would know that others responded