Need to collab, preferably on futurebass

Hey guys, my creativity has hit a wall here, and i really want to put a song out, please dm me if anyone is interested.

P.S: Im hoping to collab on something fairly straightforward like futurebass (not necessarily wubs)

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Sure i could collab

Me to


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Oh ya
Here’s a start

My dude that is future house, i will turn it into future bass

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Ok. I know @Zoruwhite doesn’t want wubs but its just an example
Does this sound good?

Its such a nice melody! I take it the final instrument for it won’t be piano? Lets not add anymore as this isn’t private and ppl might steal! We also need to wait for Zoru

Ok sounds good

Can you dm us?

On what


Idk how to on here. You have instagram?

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Still open, ready to work on more, if anyone is interested