Need more effects


We have a sweeper and that’s it. Maybe some more effects in the future. More types of sweepers, vinyl crackles, glass breaking, sirens. There’s so many options




Percussion 31 in the Crate Digging pack is vinyl crackle


That simply isn’t gonna do for me. Modulation for Sweeper is extremely powerful


I’d agree that perhaps a full instrument slot for things like a vinyl crackle and other stuff may be more useful. It allows for it to be put through the ducker, something that cannot take place in a drum kit or sample import.


Working pitch mod for sweeper would be useful


I dunno how well that’s gonna work. It’s just noise…


You can’t really pitch noise. There’s no waveform to pitch. At least with the way sweeper generates noise.

If it were, say, a very noisy waveform, that still had a waveform in some sense, it would be pitchable, but it cannot be pitched as pure noise.


Well putting notes higher and lower on the piano roll thing changes its sound, doesnt it?


We should at least move it to effects. Be a lot easier to find.


It changes the sound but not necessarily the pitch. There’s no difinitive tone or anything to the sound. It’s just noise


it sounds like the general range of frequencies get higher