Need help with my dubstep!

Pls help me with this I can make a good intro!


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nice song but me want more heavy sineshaper and what do you need help for tho?

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if you’re new here, then there’s types of distortion to use. Clip, Bitcrusher, and Sineshaper.

  • Clip makes an instrument sound like blown on a loud broken speaker.
  • Bitcrusher makes an instrument sound like a video game with static loudness.
  • Sineshaper accentuates and is effective for instruments that sound stringy.

Now this is just what I understood to them without any manuals. Feel free to learn from others. I really don’t get why you need help though. So you need help, but you can also make an intro?

Edit : I looked at the project again and some of them were already in Sineshaper. How come you don’t know this? Welp, maybe it’s a preset.

Not a preset I just never used those terms before. Thanks for feedback.

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lol this was a preset
Here’s the original:

It was made by Kim

Ooo yaaa sorry me forgets stuff

More riddim than dubstep but nice. Also the intro seems to be a different key than the drop, I like the key the intro is on so maybe change the key the drop is on?

Wdym? This is obviously bohemiean vegan helicopter-step.

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