Need Help With Drop [EDM (?)]

The track has vocal notes I use to guide my singers when they layer some audio on it- but I am not the best with drops and I am searching for help- those who contribute will be given collab credits!


I’ll check this out when I have time, sounds pretty good so far.

Sounds good.

Personally, I can see 2 ways u could take this.

  1. You could do a “chainsmokers” type drop. (No I don’t mean make basic pop music, but more of a Something Just Like This drop vibe I guess.

Something like this (pun unintended) I suppose:


  1. Do some :b:️uture :b:️ass

Lol I don’t even know what I’m doing replying/ trying to offer comments for this post because it’s nowhere near what I prefer to produce (dubstep, DnB etc)