Need Help Making Funk

Anybody have any advice for making funk?


I’m not completely sure, so I’m not going to judge, but I don’t think you can make real Funk on Auxy.


Sure you can. “Real funk” doesn’t depend on the instruments used or even the sounds used.

It’s about rhythms and attitudes.
If you can make it funky, you can make funk.

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Assuming you didn’t pick the genre at random…

Surely there must be something that’s inspired you to try it – a point of reference.

What aspects are you struggling with?


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I have some modern funk (like Calvin Harris - Funk Wav Bounce types) dropping today and next week if you want I can tag you when I share it on here! If you like it, I’d be happy to help make a track with you

Here’s an example I have with a little disco-funk twist!

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That video’s nice, will probably be useful. Thanks!

I’m struggling with the rhythm mostly, but also those funky chords and tunes. They have that certain funk vibe, if you know what I mean.

It really depends on what funk sound you’re going for.

My recommendation would be to listen, listen, listen to loads of funk.

Old stuff, like James Brown, George Clinton, Bootsy Collins. The inbetween stuff, like Prince (note especially his use of stab chords and crashing pitch slides), Zapp, Chic and Cameo.
Then listen to the newer stuff, something like Chromeo and electro-funk. The electronic end of funk should help you pick out the consistencies.

Note how the bass and chords are used rhythmically, and at times, percussively. Note the use of a strong down beat and how it works against the syncopated, off-beat swing.

And look into ‘licks’. It’s often the detailing in the little flourishes that it comes through.

Pitch-bent note starts and heavy note slides, up/down whole octaves.
Add heavy vibrato to sustained notes, here and there.

Whichever style of funk you go for, you might want to consider grabbing a funky guitar sample or loop. Use it straight or cut it up and reconstruct the licks into your own groove.
It’s possible to make funk without guitars, but it can add extra feel to a piece – useful while you’re getting to grips with the genre.


Unnnnhhhhh so good haha


Thanks so much for the advice!

Just play fortnite