Need help finding the person who made this sample [Found]

Hey guys n gals,

I sampled a sound from Auxy and can’t find where I got the sample from and I want to post the edit I did with his/her permission.

Please check out the track below. The sample is the main riff chord.

Thanks ever so much


The project creator says ‘Creepz,’ not sure if that’s you or not

Not me no, but thanks for giving it a shot @Polar

if the project creator isn’t you, then that might be the person who you got the project from?

not sure, but thats what i would guess

@ezA Yeah I checked out the name and searched on Auxy’s forum and couldn’t find the post. I did find someone named creepz but it isn’t him/her as far as I can tell.

Perhaps they got the sample from someone else…either way I’d rather get permission to use it if I can.

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I believe @Matik is who you are looking for, pretty sure they went under that name previously.

(I mean considering he runs this account:


Oh yeah, that bass line on the top of the project is one that I made last year, I put it up on this thread:

I am indeed ‘Creepz’, it’s my repost account alias

But to conclude this thread, yes, you can use the bass riff I made :+1:t3:


@Matik aaah legend thank you ever so much.

Appreciate it :grin: