Need help creating my signature Logo

Hullo folks, I’m a 15 yr old who just started creating music with Auxy. I’ve done alright and I’ve posted a few tracks and now it’s time to get me an official logo. My stage is XO Terrace, if you’d like to help, pls do, submit below


I kinda like this style of it helps


Beautiful artwork but not quite😂


I was only joking :upside_down_face:

I am not a graphic designer :grimacing:

I know mate, I know thanks for the joke tho, I needed the laugh

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And for a rough draft it’s not that bad, but it is a very very rough draft

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@Duk is that a screenshot lol

Oop yep Lmao it is :joy:

I drew it in Notes :sunglasses:

Do you know how to post an Auxy project into chat?

Yes! Go to settings > export project > share project link

This is what I get

This is all I get

That’s export audio :smiley:

Go back and tap export project

Ahh I see it now, after I click project link do I click on where it says

Is it the

Duk, thank you so much

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