Need Feedback (Future House)

Guys, this is my first completed future house/deep house track made from AP-006 pack, please let me know what you think and feel free to change it to your choice (if you do it, reply with your project link cause i’m really curious to listen to your remixes😋)


dude that incredible! The drop tho. Im making a collab with a few other people am I think you’d be interested

I’ve seen it, it’s a great track and i don’t really know what to add or how to improve it😂 Tell me if i can do something

Dude that was awesome!

It’s, cool. Your first 8 bar with the new melody sounds off beat.

Can you be more precise? I can’t understand where.

I love the track!!! Can I get some help on making future house?

Yes, enen though future house it’s not my main genre… How can i help you?