Need feedback!🙏 (Future bass)

This is probably the best track i’ve ever made, please listen to it and give me your sicere thoughts, every criticism is accepted❤️


Pretty neat, I like it. Was hoping for a drop but probably not the appropriate genre or what you were going for. REALLY like the change up at 4mins that was sweet, kudos :+1:

There are two drops… Thanks btw❤️

Nice track man it’s really good just a few things I noticed were

all of the instruments were very loud before the drop so when the drop happened it wasn’t as big as possible which made it not so climactic because everything before it was loud too …

maybe shorten the song to 4mins max

Other than that it was awesome :grinning:

Thanks so much man, i appreciate it. I’ve tried to take it to 4 minutes but i didn’t succeed😂

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No problem and don’t worry too much about the time of it man it’s more the volume of the instruments in my opinion, if you lower the volume of the instruments befor the drop it’ll make the drop sound way bigger

Thanks bro❤️

All I have to say…

Thanks man😂

Dude that was AWESOME!!! Seriously one of the best Auxy tracks I’ve heard. Really really really great melody. Everything sounded real tight too. I have no feedback, you clearly know what you’re doing. BRAVO!

No problem mate :grinning:

Thanks buddy, it means a lot❤️