Need Artwork for new project (Closed)

Thank you for making some great artwork! Sometime in the future we could do colabs.

Thank you all for participating in this contest.

I do have my winner by the way.


Awesome project :+1:t3:

I’m guessing this is artwork for Soundcloud?

800 pixels x 800 pixels.

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Liking the song, might have a stab at remixing it when I get some time.

I know your name is tropical, but I hear this as more of a spacey / ethereal track. Didn’t want to go too cliché with stars, planets or spaceships so decided to go with a long exposure of water over rocks instead to give a cool, eery feeling album art.


Listening to this again, the chords remind me a lot of Orbital – You Lot (an awesome track from Orbital).

I like @lowey ‘s work, but I made one too so I will post it anyway.
I’m not sure exactly which name should I write but hope it’s ok.

PS. The image is 640×640, but you can upload it from Auxy export function with no problems. I tried and it worked.


Particularly liking that font :slight_smile:

It’s megrim if you wanna know.

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