Need a melody for this future bounce baseline

Hey guys I want someone to see if they can make a melody to this future bounce baseline. And once I dig it we will start cookin a banger!!! :fire::fire:

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I could make you a melody to work off of in like ten minutes

Here you go!
What I did is I took one of the bass Melody’s and kinda edited it some. The bass melody time thing is a little weird so I had to make the bass match the melody. Hope you like it

bet! I’ll take a look

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Ion feel like fixing it but I got a tip

The bassline is a bit too powerful for the drums


I came up with a one bar loop, if you like it you can build up on that. I believe the bassline is in triplets, right?

Also the bass it’s pretty loud, it’s overpowering all the other elements, might wanna fix that.

Future Bounce ( my edit )
I just added some Vocal Chops and the “Haunt” . I thought it would sound cool.