Need a logo, banner or cover art? I’ll make it!


I can do whatever you like! Just tell me what you want!

Same story for you, I have a lot of other things to do so it’s going to take a little long.



I made a first try on a logo.

I thought a very simple design would fit your style and name. So the logo isn’t very complicated.

This is it. Tell me what you think, if you have suggestions to change something, also let me no. I couldn’t think of a logo with silence, so it’s tekst based.

If you can’t tell, it’s an S and a Y. (see image below)

I’ll also work on a banner. Could you let me know if there is an image you want in the banner? Or do you have specific colours you want me to use?

If there’s going to be much colours in the banner, I’ll probably use a white logo. Just so you know.



I also have something for you. The banner is coming, but a logo is here.

For you I made a more “badass” logo, because I think it fits your style and name.

Also for you, tell me what you think, and if you want to have something changed, just ask.

I hope you already saw it, but the logo is a big T (Twist) and those other things are the G (Grey) and the O (Old).


Not bad. Not bad at all.


Lol how about it

This is a joke unless it actually is a good idea but it’s probably not


The Butterfly logo I created is based on the roman numeral 16. I’m wondering if you can make a fox that has the roman numeral 17 in it.

I’m looking for something that’s geometric and minimalist.


Can you draw me a diamond over a black background?


Could you make a banner based on the logo design?


Haha, I think it’s already being used for many things. So it won’t be a recognisable logo.


That sounds like a cool challenge. So yes, I’ll work on that.

It could take a bit long…


Of course! Do you want the diamond to be blue or white or something else?

Also for you, it could take a bit long…

And for @GreyOldTwit: yes! I’ll work on that this weekend. (Can’t make more than 3 posts in a row)


That’s ok.


What’s your favorite color




ok then can you make it a pink diamond please




its for my album “crystal”


I could try to help out here. Don’t worry about my logo and banner okay?


Sorry. This just gave me a great idea, and I think it fits exactly what you’re saying.


Not exactly. Take a closer look at my profile picture. It’s shaped as a butterfly, but the parts in blue show XVI, 16.

XVII must be shaped like an animal