Need a logo, banner or cover art? I’ll make it! [Closed]


No problem. Do you have any color(s) in mind?


I dont have any color in my mind but i think if the logo is a bit bolder it will be better


@Jelmo Was wondering if you could do another banner for me. The same colour from the previous banner, just with my full username included.


hello please



Yes I can do that.






I decided to build off of what you made and created this:

2019 Logo Ideas

Wow that’s :boom:!




Sorry it took me this long, but here it is.


Was wondering if you could put the text in the center or the left of the banner.

Used it in a few sites and all of them was either the text was half visible or not visible at all.

EDIT: I tried putting up text on the banner myself, but Photoshop changed the colour from gold to a dark blue. (Don’t know why).


i really like that


I don’t know if I should change my logo or not. Does anyone have any opinions on if I should change it or not?


Sure. I’ll do that.


Well, your logo is pretty recognisable. But I could give it a shot and make the same logo with thicker and straighter lines, so it looks fresh.

Let me know if you want that.


That would be awesome! Thanks :wink:


Damn dude this actually looks pretty nice!
Thanks so much for your work



charcater limit is unepic


Hey Jelmo!

I saw this thread and I was wondering if you could make me a couple pictures if you are still doing this.

I recently just joined soundcloud and I need a profile pic and a banner.

All it needs to say is JΔX

The font doesn’t matter.

If you can’t, that is totally fine.
If you do do this, thank you!


Pardon me for asking, but is there a certain art style you’re hoping to see?