Need a logo, banner or cover art? I’ll make it! [Closed]


Wasn’t quite sure about what to do with the X, but what about something like this?

The tops of the ears are the I’s, the face is a V, and one eye is the X


Second try



So, I found this picture on Unsplash, and I thought it would fit your profile. So, if you use this the top picture as banner, and the bottom picture as profile picture. They should fit exactly.

If you want another picture, or if you have other ideas. Just let me know.


It’s not 100% clear to me what you want. I saw at your sc profile you already have a skull as logo and you also have an awesome banner. Do you want me to make only a new banner matching your current logo? Or do you want me to make a new logo and a new banner?



Here’s a logo for you. Let me know what you think, if you want anything changed, or if you want a background. Just tell me.


I’d like new and new. Thanks so much man


Okay cool, I’ll work on that.


Yo that looks amazing!


I like it- actually do you think you could do a .png photo for the Auxy logo?


What do you mean? Do you want the Auxy logo as .png?




I’m looking for a geometric and simple logo.


Fam i got u


l m a o

what they have in common?
hands up


@GreyOldTwit @Sylent @Hexx @WAVZ @El1011 @AzureOnyx @GlacialViper @Aqua

I don’t have much time this week, so I’ll try to work on all of your requests next weekend.


XVII has to be obvious, not subtle


K! Just in time for my birthday


And just in time for my break,


Thanks dude this is pretty cool actually.
But i think it needs a bit more variety.
Can you do that?