Need a logo and/or banner? [Not accepting requests anymore]


Maybe like a times new roman style. Doesn’t have to be that exact font, but maybe something “formal?”


Ok, so something in the style of Serif fonts?




I can try something.

But it’ll take me some time because my break just finished and I’ve had a couple more requests lately.


Take your time, I’m not in a hurry

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I think I just finished all the requests, and I’m not accepting new ones.

If you had already asked me for a logo, and I didn’t make it. I’m sorry, I forgot. Please let me know if you still want it and of course I’ll still make it.


Can you make one for me? I suck at logos and banners😂


You should make a website for this because you’re extremely talented in this realm of art, Great job.


Sorry :neutral_face:

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Thanks. I might do that sometime.


Aaaand I’m open for new requests again! Let me know what I can do for you by replying in this topic, message me here or DM me on Discord.

I’m looking forward to make some cool things! :slightly_smiling_face:


If you’ve got any ideas to revamp my logo, I’d like to see them!

I’ve had this same thing for a long time and I want to change it juuuuust a lil bit

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is it possible if you could make me a banner? i have a logo already but is it alright if you make the logo and the banner go together seamlessly? any style is fine! thanks!
also, here’s the logo with a transparent background:

(also thanks to plhector for making my logo)

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@BobTheGUYYYYY @Mr_Mooo

I’ll see what I can do!



I decided to make it a bit more simple than your current logo. Hope you like it.

If you want me to change anything, or if you want more color variation, let me know!



Here’s what I did for you. Hope you like it.

Also for you, if you want anything changed, let me know.


Could you do one for me? My logo at the moment is literally just a picture of my light up glasses so it’s nothing special. I’m thinking just a remade version of the glasses that seems a little animated with some sort of radiating blue and green light on the black background. Basically just the same thing as my pic now, but with your sort of art style. Oh yeah, and the word CRASH somewhere in there. Forgot about that. If you feel like doing a banner as well, that would be great!
I’d really appreciate this!

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My new logo I was thinking is an O with a g and an x inside it.


@CRASH @obexg

I can try to make something for both of you.


woah! that’s amazing! thanks so much! i will put those on my soundcloud when i next get access to a computer. thank you so much!

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