Need a logo and/or banner? [Not accepting requests anymore]






That’s tight.


If you want something changed, or another background or something else, let me know! :grinning:


Maybe instead of just white behing it, put an ocean or something? If not, that also looks like a mask. If not THAT, I’m good with that I have here. It looks so good



Like this?


YES. That’s soooo sick


Cool. I’ll work on a banner too.


Damn that’s good

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I don’t know if it’s legal to just use the Auxy logo, but here you go.


Here’s a logo for you. If you want something changed or different colours or a different background, let me know.


This is the first I could come up with. It’s a more simple version of the one @Hexx made, but I couldn’t think of something better and I think it looks nice. If you want anything else, feel free to ask!


Yo that cool af. I love it

Can I get a clear/transparent version If the logo?

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Glad you like it!

Here you go. There is an image above if you can’t see…



I made 3 versions. If you want different colours, tekst or your logo in it let me know.



Sorry if I’m too late for your birthday (happy birthday btw) but here’s what I’ve made.

It should be the letters a, q, z and i.


It’s really amazing thanks !

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Though I am having a little trouble downloading it


That’s perfect!

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What’s the matter?


Nothing, I fixed it

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Thanks for using my idea! Yours looks way better lol

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Thankyou dude now its cool. Im asking for too much ut wouldnt making it more colurfull like you did it ofr hexx and azureonyx better?
Than you so muchtho this is amazing