Need a logo and/or banner? [Not accepting requests anymore]


I can do whatever you like! Just tell me what you want!

Same story for you, I have a lot of other things to do so it’s going to take a little long.



I also have something for you. The banner is coming, but a logo is here.

For you I made a more “badass” logo, because I think it fits your style and name.

Also for you, tell me what you think, and if you want to have something changed, just ask.

I hope you already saw it, but the logo is a big T (Twist) and those other things are the G (Grey) and the O (Old).

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Not bad. Not bad at all.

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Lol how about it

This is a joke unless it actually is a good idea but it’s probably not


The Butterfly logo I created is based on the roman numeral 16. I’m wondering if you can make a fox that has the roman numeral 17 in it.

I’m looking for something that’s geometric and minimalist.

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Can you draw me a diamond over a black background?


Could you make a banner based on the logo design?


Haha, I think it’s already being used for many things. So it won’t be a recognisable logo.


That sounds like a cool challenge. So yes, I’ll work on that.

It could take a bit long…


Of course! Do you want the diamond to be blue or white or something else?

Also for you, it could take a bit long…

And for @GreyOldTwit: yes! I’ll work on that this weekend. (Can’t make more than 3 posts in a row)


That’s ok.


What’s your favorite color



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ok then can you make it a pink diamond please



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its for my album “crystal”

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I could try to help out here. Don’t worry about my logo and banner okay?


Sorry. This just gave me a great idea, and I think it fits exactly what you’re saying.


Not exactly. Take a closer look at my profile picture. It’s shaped as a butterfly, but the parts in blue show XVI, 16.

XVII must be shaped like an animal


Missed the roman numeral part. Lol