Need a logo and/or banner? [Not accepting requests anymore]


Hi everyone!

So, I’m pretty new to this community but I really like to do something for all you guys.

When I started to make my own logo, banner and cover art, I discovered that I really like making it. Now I want to improve my Adobe Illustrator/Photoshop skills, and I think the best way to do this is to practice a lot.

Do you need a logo, banner, profile picture, cover art or something else? Just ask and I’ll see what I can do!

I can also make fitting soundcloud profile pictures and banners (like mine). So if you want that, feel free to ask!

If you have a specific photo for a banner or cover art, or an idea/sketch for your logo. Just tell me and I’ll make whatever you want.

I look forward to make awesome things for you!



I’m not a professional graphic designer or something, so don’t expect too much…


Hello! i was wondering if you can do a logo for me.
Sylent comes from the word silent
so if you can think about silence in a logo it would be amazing
its a bit challenging tho :slight_smile:


I’ll do my best! Do you have something in mind or should I just make something?

And do you also want a profile pic/banner or just the logo?


I wouldn’t mind a new logo and banner.
Would like the gold and black colour scheme.

(P.S. Don’t fully relate my logo to my username.) :joy:

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Alright, I’ll see what I can do. What do you think about just using the letters “GOT”?


Why not, my banner is trash atm, why not have a shot :smiley:

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Profile pic and banner would be amazing but i fear it would be too much work for you
if you have no problem with that a banner and a profile pic would be great! :smiley:

And no i really dont have anything in mind it could be a text based logo too

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Yeah, I can go with that.

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Cool. I’ll give it a shot!


Alright, I’ll see what I can do with a logo. And if I can find some time, I’ll work on a banner too.

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Nice! I think I have something in mind. I’ll work on it.


So many people, so I hate to ask, but my banner? Something to do with a wizard skull as the logo, and maybe some necromatic banner thing


Jelmø should start charging for these…


Cool, I’ll work on that too!


Haha, then no one wants them anymore I guess…

Your ‘logo’ is awesome, I like cats.


Thank you dude!


Was wondering if you could do a logo for me? :slight_smile: usually I do WΛVZ (Greek letter on the second character for the “A”)


Could I get a logo if ur not feeling too backed up?
Producer name is XN not 1011 btw, I just use it for internet names.


@WAVZ @El1011


I have a lot of otter things to do so don’t expect it fast.

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Just curious on what you can do for me