Ncs challenge with auxy!


Your goal in this contest is to make a song that sounds the most like an NCS project. I will announce the winner this Sunday evening. Example Project:
no remixing or posting the example project.


I dont think I can get anything better than that


Sure you can just dig deep and you’ll amaze yourself!


What is NCS?


It’s a style of music. Basically catchy dance music with base instruments like Riff And Silk.


If you just type it in a search engine a bunch of songs will come up.


I will see what I can do


Good luck!


I’ll need it




cc. @JacobJustus

NCS is a record label that signs various styles of electronic and dance music. It’s not a genre of its own but is often associated with genres such as future bass, house, and (melodic) dubstep among other variants. :slight_smile:


How do you decide who wins?


That’s actually a really cool track, nice job! Definitely getting those classic NCS Alan Walker/K-391/Tobu type vibes


Ncs aint a genre buddy


I won’t be joining (cause I don’t have the time to do it), but I do want to hear the submissions cause I love the music NCS posts.


I think it’s like Exultance


its like one of those cringey minecraft intros with the house in the background (with no snare for some reason)


That’s my specialty


I never said it was.


Thank you, that’s what I was aiming for.