Name change - DJLR (contemplating)

For a few months I’ve been wanting to change my name once and for all. To AnthemZ.

However, I’ve already made a name for myself under DJ La Rocca.

I’m not a DJ! I don’t know why I called myself that, I was 12 and that’s just the name I’ve stuck with. Its just if I change it, I’m afraid I’ll lose a lot of fans because they won’t know who to search. Like my DJ La Rocca tutorials. How are they supposed to know who to search up? And my Soundcloud? Just everything :((

I looked on YouTube and google for AnthemZ and nothing appeared, so it’d be good for that reason of being the only known one. But I’m just so worried of losing fans …

I personally like DJLR better, but do what you want!


Losing fans won’t be an issue

It will because people know me as dj la Rocca, especially my youtube :frowning: that’s my main focus tbh, is losing fans on YouTube

How about just La Rocca?


Coz that’s boring and un original

Don’t change it in that case. Especially not for that. It’s a surefire way to kill everything.

I’d personally recommend creating AnthemZ as a different musical project perhaps? A different musical style, one that’s more experimental. You can build up a base using that, and slowly phase out DJLR if you want to change it.

Although personally DJLR is much cooler of an abbreviation than AZ, which just makes me think of extremely hot weather.


Fwiw, I don’t think AnthemZ is going to age well…


IMO, AnthemZ is more boring and unoriginal. I don’t see a problem with having DJ in your name, plenty of producers do that…


It’s a pretty big problem if you don’t DJ.


It could refer to “Disc-less Jockey” though. Then it’d be ok I’d think ;3


Nah I’d rather just stick to one account, and yeah I do agree that DJLR is better than AZ, but AnthemZ is so much better then DJ La Rocca

What u mean?

But I’m not a DJ. And DJ La Rocca is more unoriginal because it’s a popular italian last name and I’ve seen heaps of things on YouTube and google of peoples names being Dj la Rocca, where as AnthemZ, I’ve onyl seen one person who has 1 follower

Just my opinion, but it sounds young and cheesy.


Young? How so?

It reminds me too much of this crap…


Yeah but that’s just in general… idk man. I guess I can’t change now :((. In the future I’m planning on DJYING anyway so I guess I’ll just stick with it

I guess you’re right.

Then you’re good.

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