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Introducing: n3W0, my new secret alias, I make genres that I don’t usually like such as, techno, trance, and downtempo, and turn it into something I like. Also any plans for New Years?

I’m going to see the new Star Wars movie

Let’s see.

Get the kids in bed early. Get LIT (halfway there IMO). I’m older than 21 so don’t judge.

I got a bag of buffalo pretzel bits with my name on it. I may or may not make it to 12am cause honestly, with two kids, I’m exhausted AF. That’s pretty much it lol. #dadlife

We got cocktail weenies in a blanket too soooo I’m pretty excited for that. Legit I think that’s it: oh we’re gonna be watching the Twilight Zone marathon too my wife is super cool like that :sunglasses:


I hope it’s good. I heard mixed things but whatevs. One of these days when the kids are older I’m gonna binge watch all of them. Gonna take a few years…

I hear you brother. :dizzy_face:

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I’m in good company man. I know it. I know you dads are out there lol.

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My 15 year old son plays club ice hockey. I’ve probably put 800 miles on my car the last 4 days taking him back and forth to a tournament (and spending a lot of time freezing my butt off in ice rinks - it’s been in the upper 70’s/low 80’s in SoCal BTW). But totally worth it. #dadlife

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God bless you man, I’m not quite there yet have a 5 and 1.5 year old. Keeping me BUSY WTF. All the best from my family to yours :slight_smile:

And it’s true, no matter how insane or how deep the WTF moments are it’s worth it

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Thanks man. Same to you. Happy New Year!

I mean it’s not really a secret now is it

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How old are your kids

5 & almost 1.5 years

They should definitely go to bed earlier

Yup, they’ve been in bed for over an hour now. Made that mistake one year. Wooof.

Mega Oof