My Track has “Poor Audio Quality” - Need Advice

Hey guys I tried uploading to Amuse- it’s a service that delivers your songs to streaming services for free- and I got an email stating the following:

“Unfortunately, your track was denied due to the sound quality. We suggest that you consider the option of adjusting the sound levels in the song to improve the listening experience. We also suggest looking into services like a web based mastering service (not affiliated with Amuse).”

Rather than be oblivious to it or be insistent upon me having wanted the track to sound like this, I came to ask for your advice.

The track was made in Auxy, vocals added and track tweaked in Garageband with some vintage tube sound, then “Mastered” in an app called Final Touch. Also the instrument “Tiny” was deliberatley that loud, but now i’m thinking it may have seemed like the highs were not balanced because of that ones high volume, which I really liked.

I was really happy with it and it has been my highest quality track to date, meaning I must find a way to improve somehow. I wanted an indie or vintage sound, but I guess i’m not doing it right yet. Any advice guys? Don’t worry about trying to say anything nicely because I truly wanna get better!

I think if you:

  • filtered some of the highs on the bell sounds (I guess that’s tiny, I don’t know). It’s kind of shrill on my ears.
  • reduce the reverb just a bit on some instruments - bells again for sure, I think that will take some of the sharpness out as well.
  • maybe cut he volume just a bit on the high tones too. I know you want it loud and I get that. But it might be up against the limiter too much. Or lower everything just a bit so that it stays loud relative to the other instruments, but with still with a little headroom. I remember from recent posts that it doesn’t really work the way I explained, but I think it will help the sound quality still.
  • maybe this is just my opinion, but he wubs on the bass in the beginning make it sound to me like it’s cutting in and out. Maybe not make them as deep of a cut
  • your vocals are hard to hear but only sometimes. I think if you made them louder relative to the rest it might help, but honestly I think it is something that needs to be mixed. Certain frequencies are conflicting with the instruments that should be more in the background.
  • I listened twice, once with good headphones and once with the crappy iPhone speaker. The problems with the highs we’re much more pronounced with the iPhone speaker. Probably because the lows didn’t come through well so most of what I heard was in the high end.
    I’m almost certain that @blakkaz or @moemx help better than I could.

You didn’t ask about the content but…
I think it’s good, I’d have to listen two or three more times to comment more on the composition or the lyrics.
I like the syncopated parts of the vocals.
I think a chorus, bridge, or something with a mode change would add interest.

I also get that you probably don’t want to change it that much at this point if you were just ready to release it.

Good luck!


Okay I’ll fix/reduce the highs and adjust the bass! :+1:t3:

Also, how would I mix my vocals? Do I just raise or lower them with an automation until the overall volume of all of the words seem to be the same? You never lower the musical part right, just the vocals? I should probably look up some tutorials on that, but thank-you for all of the advice!

Compression would smooth out the highs and lows in the volume, run that on the Vocal track maybe? Raising the volume on the Vocal track overall would help as well.


I agree with @Cheddr.
Look up “how to clean up muddiness out of vocals”, your vocals don’t need much of this but it’ll make the vocals not sound boomy.
Btw great song👍

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I may have made them worse, although I really hope not- but I made a revised version and i’ll be posting it here in a bit. I added the advised corrections to the best of my current ability, but I will continue looking up techniques of course. Can’t stop learning! :+1:t3:

@Cheddr @Alyen

Okay here is a revised version, I hope it it improved at least slightly, but of course gotta look up more techniques.


Much better - I like it a lot. I think you addressed it. My daughter (she’s 9) says the song is stuck in her head now too. So that’s cool.


That is cool! :smiley: thank-you for the advice and helping me out with that!

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