My sound panning idea

I have an idea for auxy regards panning,
So far we have Horizontal panning from left to right

How about vertical panning, up or down or weather you want a sound to play in front or behind you?

That’ll be a real treat for 5.1 surround sound


The problem is that we can’t exactly replicate vertical sound, it’s not auxy’s problem, but it’s a general problem

it is possible to make things sound behind you (sicko mode was the first result for 4d audio)

Above or below? Idk.

So… Binaural/multi-axial panning? I barely even see that on most desktop DAWs. And plus, what would be a good use for it other than for the novelty? I’d see this working for something like chamber music, or a really spacey track, but not much else.

Plus, I doubt that Auxy would have the power to work with this. And how would automation be handled? Would we have to draw automation on a three-dimensional plane?


That’s funny right there!

Keyframes would be my best bet, maybe overhauling the panning screen entirely?

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