My last Auxy track

This is my last track I’m going to make in Auxy and for now on I’ll be using ableton.

Thank you to everyone I met in the Auxy community.

I will uninstall DiscourseHub 1 week from today


Out of interesting, is Auxy dropping out of your workflow entirely?

(I still think it excels as a tool to quickly sketch down and develop ideas — especially when on the move — which I often then bump to Ableton to access my sound/instrument libraries, add nuance, solos, etc….)

No, not at all. I’ll be using it to structure them and I’ll export it to ableton to clean it up and replace the instruments

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A track from my work approach in Auxy, something between dub reggae and ambient , I mix tracks same time i play and record with screenshot direct in Ipad;) i lose the wave file but i win the pleasure of mixing live :slight_smile:
A great app !!