My First Challenge-#MakeItEpic

I’m Cole, aka BALLISTIK, and while I’m a longtime Auxy user, I’m relatively new to this forum. This is my first challenge, so I’m not gonna be too strict :wink:
The requirements are simple: take the project provided in the link, and make it as fast, loud, and awesome as possible. Feel free to change tempo, instrumentation, key, and structure. Just keep the BASIC chord structure the same, and do not change the melody. I would prefer you to keep it in a Major scale, but I am not going to make Minor against the rules. Also, remember that this isn’t a contest; I just want to see what you guys come up with.
Have fun!

I had fun, I think it’s a very pretty song, just needs a little more progression on pug specially. I played around with it for half an hour, now it’s in someone else’s hands