My Auxy dilemma

Hey, all. What I’ve seen on this forum has made me hesitant to update to Auxy 6. Technically, I could just not update. However, I won’t be able to open project links if it was made in Auxy 6. Is there any way around this?

No, there’s no way around this

Been on that boat for a while too. There is no way to open up Auxy 6 files with an older version.

Oh well. So in what way will be projects be screwed when I update? Will they be screwed?

from what I believe, you should be able to keep your old projects, but you have the option to update all the parameters of the instruments to the new ones (this will also probably wipe any automation you currently have) or just keep the legacy instrument parameters.
However any new projects you make will use the updates Auxy 6 instruments/effects.

but it might be better to get someone who’s actually used v.6 to tell u the differences

And that someone will hopefully see this thread

Pretty sure you nailed it. I don’t have any older projects handy, but it works like this from what I understand:

Open older project. Sounds are as they always were. When you open a sound to edit parameters you have the option to update the sound. If you choose update, the sound is replaced by a new one with the new parameters (it will be the same sound, but your settings, automations for sure etc will not carry over).

The thinking here was if you have a sound in an existing project you like, then -DON’T- update it. Just leave it be. If you aren’t happy with it then yes, update.

I suppose you could copy the instrument channel and test it first. I haven’t tried this myself. For sure Auxy 6 projects will not open in Auxy 5 (like how 5 don’t open in 4 etc etc). This is pretty normal for every DAW / DAW style app I’ve ever seen (typically you can open older projects in newer programs but not the other way around).

Bottom line - if you have older projects with sounds you like, don’t update them. If you are working with all new projects you are using the new sounds.