Music Tips From Phoenix (any genre)

Hey guys just wanted to pass on my knowledge before I go to others or maybe some new people starting out. If u need help with future bass or dubstep or music theory I can help. I’ll also do my best with other genres as well. Feel free to ask any questions

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What’s your thought process when creating your tracks?

Put my feeling into the chords and make them sound good with the vibe I want them to have lol

And layer


Hey there man :facepunch: here’s my new future bass tip and secret:


(Aces to aces)


How do you choose the name of your tracks ?

When I joined Auxy Disco this was the kind of thing I was hoping to find.
If you have any pearls of wisdom, I’m all ears.

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Whatcha need help understanding about it certain parts or just everything

I picked up my first instrument about 30 years ago, so I feel like I’ve got a pretty good grasp of things by now, but I’m always interested in techniques others have picked up along the way.

Recently I’ve been trying to learn as much jazz theory as I can, as I find it translates into techno in interesting ways. Anybody here a jazz musician?

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It’s been a while since I’ve actually played in a jazz band and I don’t really know the theory behind it, but I do know some of the “rules”.

Rule the First: SWANG THEM NOTES
Rule the Second: Or not, straight eights work too
Third rule of Jazzery: The highest note in a phrase is the loudest
The fourth rule thingo: Put a little crescendo on longer notes
Da fifth ruleo: Play everythang smooooove & connected
Rule the Last (but not Rule the Least): For them bomb jazzy solos/melodies, you can use


That is all


Could you explain it? I’m on a computer right now so I can’t see Auxy projects.

It’s Paw sound from Rac Essentials but it’s stacked.

I had a question on making dubstep sound. I know you have to layer bass lines, and your main sound (like Lobster) must be an octave higher to make it shine. But I don’t know exactly where the automation should be focused on, for it to not sound basic and outdrawn. I know i’ll Be experimenting after I get any tips.

Another tip for soloing in jazz;
Make a phrase (2 bars or 4 bars usually, 1 is fine, 3 is nasty icky)
And use that same rhythm over and over again
Can’t make an example RN but this is how I do improv solos in jazz


Oh yeah. I forgot that one

I kind of messed around with @anon2811266’s future bass thing, to give you a very quick (very quick) explanation of what I do to my instruments.

Bro could u expand on what dubstep sound like a growl wob shot etc

@Phoenix Growls would be cool. Wub wub wub GROWWL, wobble wobble GROWWL. I would like to learn it all cleverly to tell you the truth. I know what i’m Looking for, it’s just hard for me to explain. Man, i’ve Been experimenting a few times, and I either just stumble upon something that worked or I mess it up and the automation sounds weird with what I didn’t to the layers.

I’ll try and pull it out of my head for you to help me, just let me compare what I know with myself.

@Phoenix Still want to remix Curiosity?

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