Music promotion for all skilled artists

Hey everyone! you may know of a big record label called NCS (No copyright sounds)

I have just created a new channel with the same intentions NCS have, but with mobile music. If you would like to be on the channel (yes its not much now but I believe we can grow it to help a lot of Artists out) if your interested, go sub here and ill add submission details once ive uploaded the first song.

keep in mind it will only be mobile made music posted.

I am hoping to grow this to good size community where all types of mobile artists can have a chance at getting there music heard. I would really appreciate it if as much of you as you can sub to go ahead and get this channel started at reaching out into the YouTube community. I will also later on in the future be putting it onto Spotify, Apple Music etc… for free with artists consent. PLS consider this and thank you!


pls really consider. This is for the community and helping promote artists

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OMG yes. I do want to experience exposure, but the only problem is I’m too shy and I lack the materials and skills to do so. @BenVacca want to submit our collab here?

Also, thanks AMA for helping little artists to spotlight their works, it’s an honor for the community :)).

I’m subscribing.

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Omg yes lets submit our collab! It’s almost done😉 also what if people (like me) doesn’t have YouTube? Could we still submit?

yes you can just text it to me ben

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email your submmisions here at
send the soundcloud link and any socials you want included

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Great song you three!

submit your songs guys I need more to post lol

Hey y’all! pls Send me your tracks at
This is literally free promo so don’t miss out guys! I want to grow this to help everyone out! please make emails some what professional

Honest question… What are you doing to promote the channel and grow the audience beyond posting on this forum and beyond posting tracks/videos to the channel?

But, even so…

Do those sharing their music via your channel actually understand that, by doing so, they’re effectively promoting/declaring their music as ‘copyright-free’ — i.e. relinquishing copyright rights over their music?

I imagine that’s likely to be a deal-breaker for many/most.

Why ‘copyright free’? Why not simply ‘royalty free’?

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I can always change the terms but its just simple with copyright stuff that way but I see where you are at. and I can’t do much to promote If there is nothing to promote. there are only two songs that were posted in one week that’s it. there is also a ground me that for anyone who wants to donate I can use the donations to run organic promotion and traffic

and there will be an instagram once I get to it. its made but its not live. my instagram stuff has been acting up recently so I haven’t even been able to promote myself

Not trying to get at you, but Twitter and IG take a couple mins to set up and seconds to post.

In the time it took you to respond here and bump the call for submissions, you could have (should have) posted both tracks to Twitter and IG, at least. It certainly doesn’t take 22 days.

Are you tagging the YouTube videos to maximise their chances of being discovered?
Are you researching what the right tags would be for when you post to YT, Twitter, IG, etc…?

Is there an official MMN SoundCloud channel that you’re also reposting on?

Have you promoted it elsewhere, on other music forums, or on your personal Twitter and IG accounts?

I think what you’re trying to do is cool, but you need to be more on top of things if you really want the project to succeed.

As I’ve mentioned before, the ‘mobile only’ music proposition is interesting, and something which Auxy themselves have failed to really promote on. There’s been a little buzz around the topic for years, but it’s worth finding out which online music and tech publications might be interested in hearing about what you’re trying to do.

Consider Following some on Twitter, keeping an eye on their Tweets and then responding with a little promo when the right topic comes up. Or, just @ them with a fresh promo.

The more pro-active you are, the more you can point to the value you can bring to those who want to get their music out there, and the more enticing your offer is.

I recommend subbing to content sources about music/artist promotion, to start getting up to speed on the kinds of promotion activities you could/should be doing for your MMN channels - plural.

The Spotify for Artists and Landr blogs are great. YT channels like Damian Keyes are also worth checking out.

Have fun with it, but be pro-active.

There are also loads of great tips pinned in this category on the forum, including this post…


Good luck :slight_smile:


so in a nutshell, be proactive and join different sectors of music community and advertise the MMM? Doesn’t sound bad. Communication is key after all.

First off, you don’t know or understand my situation. So really man, I ask kindly for you to back down :slight_smile: . I don’t have twitter, nor want or care about it. Yes there is a sc and I promote the channel and sc on discord servers etc…now my parents don’t let me have instagram on my phone only on my iPad which is lost which is the only reason why I haven’t created a insta. I can’t even post on mine until I find it. Don’t jump to things when you don’t understand the situation alright? This is a fun thing im doing to help out other artists so don’t make it seem like it should be a huge hardcore hit that everyone is going to know about. First off im promoting unprofessional music which makes it hard enough. Because most mobile music just isn’t up there with other artists. Im taking time out of my long days at school and homework to creat logos and art work and music videos and research good tags so take that into consideration. junior year is tough. I work construction on top of that, I got a life. And if you know so much about promo stuff, why do you only got 23 followers. Im doing everything I physically can right now so until I have the resources I need don’t expect much more. Right now its just some fun giving some artists a bit of exposure and a fun music video of there song. Just showing people I care. maybe you can enjoy it too if you rant criticizing people :slight_smile:


not tryin to go off. just giving you the full picture of my situation :upside_down_face:


AAh. I think I understand your situation well enough now.

I’m not the one trying to pimp a promo channel.

Still, if you believe you can point out that anything I said was wrong, go ahead.


A few things jumped out while I was checking out your channel:

  • I couldn’t find a way to download the tracks.
  • I couldn’t find any terms and conditions. (for artists or end users)
  • Your SC username is user-125986184. (mobilemusicnation is still free)

you download them on sc for free