Music As A Weapon

If music could be used as a weapon, what would electronic music represent? Hacking?

probably, or for some types of electronic music maybe a lightsaber or something lol

i feel like riff rock would probably be like that giant flamethrower gun coulson uses

me: learns to play guitar
me: oh so that’s what it does
me: dies

piano would be trying to use words to fight

harp would probably be a bow

and drumsticks would be dual wield swords

i bet ahsoka from star wars plays the drums in an alternate universe

what would spaceships be tho

binaural beats??

what now

cause it’s a low rumble that a spaceship makes (not realistic but eh) and so do binaural beats


CrAcKiNg JuNk

i’m so sorry i’m making myself laugh at 6 in the morning

uh what

random typek video


i hope i didn’t break any rule
edit: playing it safe

just dm me the vid. you’re a member you can dm anyone

ohh ok

classical music is basically b o w