Mr Mooo / escape. (alt explanation)

some of you may have seen escape on soundcloud (
that is my alt.
i started this with being anonymous in mind because i wanted to start afresh from my mr mooo account with no association, but i see no point to that anymore, so i’m just stating it as my alt. i’ve only released one song on that account, but prepare for an album/ep sometime soon (maybe) and some more songs.
sorry to anyone who talked to me assuming i was new to the community but i wanted anonymity at that point.
if you have any questions about this, feel free to ask me!


Dang lmao. never would have thought that escape was you. Really cool to see such a different vibe between the two names.

Personally I liked the anonymity with escape just someone random blowing up lol. Or maybe revealing yourself after you potentially release the album for a bigger effect.

Still tho, is your account, you do you.