The new year is fast approaching (for some of us, it has already arrived). So, in the spirit of 2018, I thought I would host for you guys a sort of contest. This contest will have 3 rounds, and the winner of it all will have the opportunity to remix a MR. ANDERSON song of their choice. This is something I’ve been thinking of for a while, and I want it to be as fun for everyone as possible, so please, if you’re on the fence about participating, just do it (and tell other people too, because the more entries I receive, the more fun it is).

Challenge #1:

Here is a project file:

(the contest is over so I removed the project link)

It contains a build from a song you guys might recognize (if not, that’s totally fine). First, take this build and change it a little bit. Put some of your own style into and make it yours. Then, create an incredible drop to go with it! You can change anything about the track (key, tempo, etc.). However, don’t change it too much, such that I can’t recognize it anymore! I will select the winners (between 5 and 10 people, depending on how many participate) based on how good the track sounds when it’s done. These winners will progress to round 2. Remember, all your entry has to be is a build and a drop, nothing more.

Entries can be posted either in this thread via soundcloud link, or if you want, you can feel free to send the file to me via direct message. The due date for submissions will be January 14 (if no one can complete their entries on time, I will move it back). Also, if I find that not enough participants have joined to make the contest fair, I might cancel the contest (which would be really lame). So, again, please participate! It makes it more fun for everyone.

Happy New Years to all, and I hope to see your entries soon!


I have some time to kill on a 26 hour flight, I’m entering :smile:

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Yes I’m gonna enter!!!

I already started :slight_smile:

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Same, here. (What??! No… this isn’t the same hehe :sweat_smile:)

And omg this is my fav song of yours, (so fangirlong inside)


Haha! Yeah it isn’t. Keep working on it!

This actually probably was harder to do than make my own drop…

You’ve got a good ear, though! But yeah, be as creative with this as possible

Thx! Ok…

I’ll try to enter but I tried to make a drop, and it wasn’t mixing, but I’ll keep trying.

Sounds awesome! I’m in!

Definitely doing this one…

I just need to figure out what to do with it :sweat_smile:

Okay this is what I have so far.
I’m probably going to add fills tho

Here is mine so far

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Man I really revere this song so I’ll participate :grinning:

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like i’m trying to do a normal drop, but it feels disjointed so i’m gonna try and redo my drop lol

Here’s my real one

Haha. The pun is real

In retrospect the pun could’ve been better

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