Motivate Yourself! [Inspirational/80-90’s Disco?]— Osharu Pérez :op:

“Inspirational track”! Let me know if you felt inspired at all after listening to this track?

As always, any and all feedback, whether it be positive or constructive/negative, is always welcome!

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Too many kicks w/ ducker. It really butchers the chords and song in general.


I understand what you are telling me, but me, personally, I didn’t hear that problem when I proof-checked this track. I will take that into account for the next one, however. Thanks!

I think you’ve got a VERY solid foundation for the track. All of the ideas are there, and they are very cohesive, but I think there were some little bumps in the road in the execution. I agree with Polar that the kick duckers (IN MY OPINION) muddied the chords a bit for my taste. Additionally, the bass that you’re using to follow along with that high melody on top kind of dismantles the integrity of those chords as well (once again, just my opinion). It would have been nice to hear a more consistent bass beneath everything to really anchor the chords.

WITH THAT CRITIQUING SAID, I think this track is a good track in and of itself :slight_smile: I think with some minor tweaks, it could really embolden the atmosphere you are trying to convey. This track honestly felt like one of those intense moments of dialogue before a big battle, or maybe something in-between various parts of a battle. I’m into it!

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Geez, maybe I should reconsider the amount of ducker that I use! :grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:

Thanks for the feedback either way! I appreciate it!!