Most Wanted Features


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A search bar to search through all the (drum) sounds. The problem is that if you want to find new sounds, of say, snares you need to look through a bunch of packs to find some you like. At this point you can use the favorites button but finding sounds right now is really annoying because of the lack of a search bar.


I don’t have the subscription though :joy:
The paragraph above was for people that have it.


The one thing that I’m seriously dying for and in desperate need of is a volume boost option for the volume knob on instruments. Idk why, but I love basses that are super low passed and really clean, but they are so quiet and whenever I duplicate them it just sounds muddy.

The same thing that’s currently on drum samples where you can make a sample louder than the standard volume would be amazing on instruments. Already, it’s super useful for samples and percussion. TBH, this is literally the one feature that would just fkn butter my bread till’ kingdom come.


I’ve been wanting this ever since Auxy 4 because some instruments are so quiet even with everything turned up


I think it’s an artifact of the compression algorithm applied to Auxy on the master buss. Exporting these lowpassed basses often yields results with very little headroom, meaning they’re already very loud to begin with. Usually giving it a bit less lowpass can accommodate most of the issues in general though.


Gonna repost this here since the devs seem to have missed it:


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The moustache looks better on the light theme. :upside_down_face:


i’d like the option of being able to plug my ipad into my computer and be able to import samples directly from my computer storage. i think it could help change the way people use auxy. for example, you could be able to save a sample from your desktop daw into your downloads folder or something, then be able to put the sample directly into auxy. also you could import whole sample packs into auxy, which would help a lot of people in this community in my opinion. i don’t know exactly how this feature would work but if it’s possible it would be a game-changer.


I think that is more of an iCloud problem than an Auxy problem, but it certainly would be a game changer. However, being able to import a larger selection of samples would be vastly more useful and would certainly be possible, at least I would expect it to be.


Melodic sampler in which you can import samples any length and various formats such as not just wav files. That’s top my list because that sort of is a solution to quite a bit of the problems.


I’d like to see the iPad version taking advantage of the extra screen space for more features. The ability to see all 5 octaves is a must if you want to make Auxy for iPad better.


I agree


All I want is more sounds and more mixing :grinning:


Specialized distortion pedals, or fx pedals. Like a little side button that you can attach right next to a sound, give extra effects to. And you could tap that button and access like two extra knobs. The only problem would be adding that to the automation— but wait! What if that fx pedal’s controls show up in the knob rack, but on the side, even when you’re working with automation? That way, any automation done for the effects will be grouped with the fx pedal, and be deleted if that pedal is swapped to another instrument. In simpler terms… the fx automation will only appear if the fx pedal is “connected” to an instrument.


Have you tried putting samples into the iCloud Drive folder?


100% agreed. In my opinion Midi-in would be not a too much “sophisticated” feature and would not lead to a complicated app, which the developers try to a avoid. But Midi-in is more important than the already implemented Midi-out. Auxy has fantastic, well balanced sounds, which can lead often to better results than using some Midi-out-recorded plug-ins of a DAW.




drum distortion


How about some better categorising? I would like to see leads more simplified, PADS should be in their own category, leads should be in their own category aswell. Etc etc, I think each kind of sound should have its own category

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